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God & The 12 Steps

God & The 12 Steps

This God & The 12 Steps Recovery Workbook (192 pages), along with The Life Recovery Bible, could very well be your path to redemption, restoration, and wholeness.

In God & The 12 Steps Recovery Meetings, those attending normally go through the book once a week for 28-30 weeks to work through these 12 Steps with the help of an authorized facilitator. If needed, this time frame can be shortened to 30 days (see the Leadership Training Manual for further information). 

You can purchase this book individually or if you are a group leader, you can order multiple copies at the discounts listed below. One to three copies can be purchased through the store with shipping and handling automatically added. For larger orders (four or more) call Deeper Revelation Books, and someone who cares will help you: 423-478-2843.

1-3 copies $15.99 each 
4-10 copies $14.99 each
11-20 copies $13.99 each
21-30 copies $12.99 each
31-40 copies $11.99 each
41-53 copies $10.99 each
                                                               54 (1 full box) or more $9.59 each

                                                               Shipping and handling will be added

God & The 12 Steps