Recovery Books

The Truth Will Set You Free

Curriculum for God & The 12 Steps Recovery Ministry

The following two books are the suggested materials for participation in this recovery ministry. As an individual, you can purchase them and be fully prepared to work diligently toward the goal of “breaking the chains of addiction.” It is very important that you do this rewarding work, if at all possible, with the spiritual guidance of trusted individuals who know God’s Word and have a sound walk with the Lord.

God & The 12 Steps - Breaking the Chains of Addiction

This God & The 12 Steps - Breaking the Chains of Addiction Recovery Workbook, along with The Life Recovery Bible, could very well be your path to redemption, restoration, and healing. It was written by G. Sharpe, a person who understands, having walked the road of recovery himself. Each of these 12 Steps is written in this recovery workbook from both a biblical and practical perspective.

Through this easy-to-follow presentation, you will discover:

*  The true nature of God

*  Your true spiritual identity

*  How to overcome addictions and experience complete and permanent recovery

*  Biblical ways to heal and restore broken relationships

*  How do develop a "Relapse Prevention Plan" . . . and so much more!

You can order one copy for your personal use, or if you are a group leader, you can order multiple copies for a discount. 

Just click on the book to begin your journey toward freedom and wholeness, or to help others on their journey! Click here for an excerpt (PDF).


God & The 12 Steps - Leadership Training Manual

This training manual (60 pages / spiral bound) is only offered to those who are approved to conduct God & The 12 Steps Recovery Meetings. It presents, in outline form, step-by-step instructions on how to conduct weekly meetings (for 28-30 weeks) or daily meetings (Recovery Treatment Center format for 30 days). You will also find:

* Helpful Scripture lists for topical teachings

* The criteria required for those who desire to lead a God & The 12 Steps Group

* Practical wisdom on how to successfully minister to attendees

* Instructions on how to effectively share a testimony

The manual is only offered to those who are approved by our council to conduct God & The 12 Steps Meetings. Once you submit your application and it is accepted and approved, you will be given the option of purchasing a physical copy ($15.99) or a digital PDF download ($9.99) or both ($19.99).

Please click here for the application form for leading a God & The 12 Steps Group (click here). 


The Life Recovery Bible

The Life Recovery Bible is used in all our God & The 12 Steps Recovery Meetings. There are wonderful recovery devotionals and recovery topics throughout this Bible. We appreciate our relationship with the author, Stephen Arterburn, and urge you to purchase your copy at his website: (go to Store).