Bible-based, God-centered, and Prayer-focused


"And we know that God causes everything to work together
for the good of those who love God and are called
according to his purpose for them."
(Romans 8:28)

God & The 12 Steps Recovery Ministry was birthed by the Lord because of a sincere, desperate prayer G. Sharpe prayed on July 6, 1994. Two days earlier, he had found his wife at the time lifeless in their bed from a drug overdose. Even though she was pronounced dead-on-arrival at the hospital, God had a different plan. When he promised to serve the Lord and help people with drug and alcohol problems if He saved her from death, the Lord Jesus woke her from her coma. Three days later, He allowed her to walk out of the hospital with no brain damage or neurological impairment. It was a true miracle from God!

With the help of the Lord, G. Sharpe launched the first God & The 12 Steps meeting in North Miami, Florida on July 9, 2005—exactly eleven years to the day his ex-wife walked out of the hospital. In that meeting and ever since, the focus has been more on the solution than the problem. This dynamic, yet easy-to-follow, recovery ministry uses the God & The 12 Steps - Breaking the Chains of Addiction Recovery Workbook and The Life Recovery Bible as its curriculum.

The purpose of the God & The 12 Steps Recovery Ministry is to enable leaders, staff members and volunteers from churches and other social-minded institutions without a recovery program to effectively help those in the grips of any addiction. It provides an atmosphere in which program participants can feel both safe and motivated to grow in their personal relationship with God and work these 12 Steps from a practical, yet biblical perspective. 

In a group setting, participants can share their hardships and triumphs and be encouraged to pursue this life of recovery in the Lord. By the love, grace, and power of God, this recovery ministry will help any individual who is willing and committed to his or her recovery to break the chains of addiction, one-day-at-a-time, and live a new life filled with victory, hope, and purpose. 

This process, from beginning to end, is best described by the key words: liberation, celebration and adoration.


Vision Statement

Our vision is to be an instrument of God's love, truth, hope, healing, and deliverance to those who struggle with addictions.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to enable churches and institutions to implement our Bible-based, God-centered (the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), and Prayer-focused addiction recovery program, organize recovery conferences, and minister to individuals and families through media, books, and group settings.



G. Sharpe - Founder and CEO (Chief Enthusiasm Officer)

C.S. Sharpe - President, Board of Directors, Business Owner Experience, Inner Healing Minister

Pastor Jim Angelakos - Pastoral Oversight, Living Free Ministry - Faith Assembly

Pastor Jorge Pabon - Licensed Addiction Counselor, Certified Recovery Coach - Faith Assembly

Pastor Alex Santiago - Volunteer Coordinator - Faith Assembly

Tom Martinez - Board of Directors, Certified John Maxwell Trainer/Coach

Nicole Bromley - Treasurer, Board of Directors, Business Owner Experience, Inner Healing Minister


Contact information


God & The 12 Steps
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Orlando, FL 32829


Office: (407) 912-5084